8 Reasons Why you need a REALTOR® when buying a new construction home

Why People need a Real Estate Agent when Building a New Home

1. You get representation. Let me start by saying, I love our new home sales consultants. They are good people and are genuinely concerned about their clients’ needs. But don’t forget, they work for the builder. The builder is in the business of selling homes for the most profit like any other business is. You need someone to represent your sole interest!

2. No cost to you. The builder is expecting to pay your Realtor®’s commission which is built into their cost. In most cases, the buyer will not pay for any commissions. A Realtor® will put your interest first while negotiating on your behalf for Free.

3. You get an advisor. One of the biggest assets that an agent provides is education. Our Realtor® will provide valuable advice throughout your buying process. Your Realtor® will review your contract and ensure that everything is correct. Remember if the terms are not in writing, there’s a probability that it will not happen. Your Realtor® will provide you with information on the different builders available in your area. Plus they will be there to answer your questions even when your new home sales consultant is taking a day off or is on vacation.

4. Inspection. A Realtor® will advise you that even brand-new homes need an inspection. After all, they are man-made. A third-party inspection is NOT the same as the builders’ inspections and permits. There are horrendous stories about what can go wrong on a new home. Don’t believe me- google it.

5. Sell your current home – Do you need to sell your house in order to buy your new home? A Realtor® will sell your current home and coordinate the timing for the purchase of your new home. Ask about how to save money on the sale of your home with our MOVE-UP program.

6. Closing Assistance – It is imperative that you are prepared with the technical details before your closing date and a Realtor® will make sure that you are. A Realtor® will also make sure that the transaction is moving along between the lender and the title company.

7. You gain a life-long Realtor® –  A Qualified Real Estate Agent will make sure that you have a great experience as you will need their help when you decide to sell this home in the future.

8. After closing. Taxes/Homestead Exemption/ VA Disability Exemption/Over 65 Exemption/Warranty. There is much more to do once you close on a home. Your Realtor® will be able to assist in reminding you to file your tax exemptions. He/she can get the form for you and make sure you do not miss your deadlines. These exemptions will save you money on your property taxes. Your Realtor® will remind you to register your new home warranties. Your Realtor® will also remind you that if your taxes were calculated on land, they will significantly increase in the year to come. They can help you prepare for that and so much more.

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Written by: Viviana Martinez, Clear Path Real Estate Group by Fathom Realty

*The content provided here is my opinion and not necessarily the opinion of my broker.

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